Natural construction

"Nothing is built on stone; all is built on sand, but we must build as if the sand were stone.

Jorge Luis Borges.

WHAT IS NATURAL CONSTRUCTION? Natural construction, bio-construction, bioclimatical architecture or sustainable building are different forms of defining a blend of vernacular construction updated with the last knowledge about passive climatisation and efficiency using different natural and recycled materials and techniques.Natural construction takes the best of our past with the best of our available resources.
In a natural construction house, a wall is not only a wall, but an accumulator in winter or part of a summer cooling system.Water can be reciclated up to 4 times before leaves the system,and the house itself is not anymore an isolated block but a part of a rain harvesting system, an energy plant or an organic garden.

Project example: STONE DOME :

A stone and lime mortar circular shelter with a stone dome and an oculus, integrated in a mountain landscape.

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Built with bamboo and recycled tubing. Minimal ecological footprint for a multipurpose structure: greenhouse, temporary shelter or permanent housing if completed with walls of adobe, rammed earth or trusses. Built with bamboo and recicled tubing. Versatile structure for a greenhouse or an emergency shelter that can Become permanent later on with Adobe rammed earth or wattle-and-daub walls
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Project example: IMPROVED EARTH OVEN:

Earth ovens are easy to build and the basic design, with some variations, can be found in different cultures throughouth the world. Our oven, seen from the outside would look like any other traditional one, but contains several sofistications and a blend of recycled and local materials including broken roof tiles, broken bottles, rice husks or lamb wool. Once finished the oven can be transported to its definite location.
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We offer courses in the following: - Recovery of traditional techniques (stone and mud and rammed earth walls, lime mortars and earth mortars, adobe, cob... with the teaching of other sustainable techniques (strawbales, bamboo, hemp, stabilized adobe, earthships. ...) - Specific training for restoration of historic buildings of stone, rammed earth and mud walls, with criteria of sustainability and energy savings is given.

Artifexbalear is now pioneering statewide to offer a course of bioclimatic construction technician certified by the Ministry of Labour.

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When we build, let us think that we build for ever.
John Ruskin

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